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Wheelchair pulling lead DBWheelchair pulling lead DBWheelchair pulling lead DBWheelchair pulling lead DBWheelchair pulling lead DB

Bungee Pulling Lead Double Snaps



After recently training a dog to pull a wheelchair in some narrow doorway situations I realized that there was a need for an additional bungee pulling leash. The new Bungee Pulling Double Snap Lead meets that need. The bungee leash works so well because it is flexible and it gives the dog some movement in the lead before actual pulling of the wheelchair starts. The Bungee Pulling Lead is such a great tool because you have your hands free to work the chair wheels and brakes. The new Bungee Pulling Double Snap Lead is made from the same 1” wide very strong two layer bungee webbing that the original Wheelchair Pulling Lead is made from, with a few added features given to it. The features of this Wheelchair Pulling DB Snap Lead give these leashes more versatility and added benefits. This lead has bolt snaps at each end and a floating O-ring which lets you snap one end of this lead to any size post of a wheelchair. This benefit will also give you additional positions to have the dog work from. Another feature of having two snaps is that you do not need to unhook the dog from the lead before taking the lead off the wheelchair because it snaps from both ends. We have designed this new Wheelchair Pulling DB Snap Lead in two lengths, 28” or 38”. The reason for two lengths is because of different size dogs and the fact that when you are entering a narrow doorway you need to send the dog in first or the dog waits behind until you enter the doorway. Either one of these position you work the dog from on the chair you need a longer lead. If you are working a very large dog the shorter lead may work best for you. Another option is to attach both size leads to the wheelchair and then when you are mitigating that narrow space you can snap the dog to the longer lead. The color is black and the Bungee Pulling Double Snap Lead comes in two lengths, 28” or 38”.


  • Two Layers of Strong Bungee Webbing
  • Two Lengths offered, 28” or 38”
  • Two Bolt Snaps
  • Floating O-ring