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Deluxe Tracking Package


$147.91 $125.92 On Sale!


This is the deluxe tracking package and it includes my favorite items. In this package is our new all leather tracking harness made of the finest latigo leather. This harness is designed for the dogs comfort and our convenience with a quick on and off snapped girth. The front of the harness and the girth are both adjustable. Other items in this package include the heavy cotton 33’ (regulation size) tracking line. A box of liver treats is perfect for tracking. They are just the right size about a half-inch barrel shape. Not to big so the dog does not linger at the pick up on the track. A set of 6 tracking flag markers with the flag caddy. The flag caddy is very handy as having those flags on the floor of your vehicle ends up to be a mess and they get bent stepping on them in and out of the vehicle. I like the two pocket bait bag when tracking as I have room to put my articles and bait boxes in this style bag when picking up the track. This bag is $21.99 and is FREE with this Featured April-May Special. The special also comes with a set of tracking articles, they are wood, carpet and leather. And a set of 3 tracking aid bait boxes. These have worked well for me as they are a great tool when you need to train the dog to stop at the articles before he gets the reward in practice training. This set comes with all 17 pieces for the price of $125.92.

FREE $21.99 2 Pocket Bait Bag


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