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Neoprene Wrapped DumbbellNeoprene Wrapped Dumbbell

Neoprene Wrapped Training Dumbbell


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This wooden and neoprene wrapped dumbbell addresses that age old issue of the dog hating to hold the dumbbell in its mouth. After a dog of mine lost interest in the dumbbell work I devised this dumbbell. It has worked well for me and it has brought him back into being interested in the dumbbell work. This training dumbbell is constructed of a wooden training dumbbell that has the center wrapped with dense layers of neoprene. Dogs like this texture in their mouth. One day while I was out working him my little 13 month old female broke loose ran up behind him and stole the dumbbell away from him. This is what the 5 photo picture is of. She looks so funny in the last one with that guilty look on her face. The competition for this has done wonders in making the dumbbell work fun again.


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