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Handler Training Vest Flooded Timber Camo Swatch

Handler Training Vest XD3 Camo Swatch

Reversible Camo Padded Dog Bed/Crate Mat *closeout*


Price: $18.50


This camo padded dog bed/crate mat is a multi-purpose mat.  It can fit in a crate, on a raised dog bed, be taken along for training, or just be enjoyed where the dog rests.  Camo not only looks cool but does not show the dirt as much because of the woodsy pattern of the camo fabric.  This simple dog mat is reversible and the camo pattern is the same on both sides.  The camo padded dog bed/crate mat has a batting pad interior so the interior of the mat does not shift around and bunch up.  This padded interior gives your dog that little extra comfort when resting. This Reversible camo Padded Dog Bed/Crate Mat is available in 3 camo styles & 2 sizes. 


3 Camouflage Styles Available:
* Flooded Timber
* Orange Hardwoods
* XD3 True Timber

Two Sizes Available: 
* Medium (23” x 36”)
* Large (25” x 40”) 

Made in the USA

Quality Comfort at a Great Price!