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Service Dog Vest


Butterfly Dual Pocket Cape


Price: $57.99




We have designed our Butterfly Dual Pocket Cape for those dogs who need to transport a few objects that do not require the larger backpack or saddlebag vest.  The Butterfly Dual Pocket Cape is lightweight, simple and very functional.  The pockets do not expand like the saddlebag or backpack vest; yet, they are wide enough to fit a checkbook size wallet, sunglasses, keys, pill bottles, identification papers, etc. in them.  Since the vest has a wide pocket design, we have placed two girth straps on the Butterfly Dual Pocket Cape to keep it in place while the dog is moving.  Both girth and chest straps are adjustable.

The Butterfly Dual Pocket Cape has two, heavy duty D-rings on the top that are stitched completely through the vest, so you can use a Neoprene Handle (product #7075546) with the vest. The D-rings can also be used for attaching a leash or ID tags.

Each side of the Butterfly Dual Pocket Cape has a zipper pocket with a solid, heavy duty zipper and a large zipper pull for easy gripping when opening the pockets. Each pocket also has a strip of reflective web for night safety.

The vest comes with two patches of your choice. This affordable, durable vest is available in 13 different colors and comes in three sizes:

Small fits a girth size from 22" to 28"
Medium fits a girth size from 27" to 33"
Large fits a girth size from 31" to 37"

Zipper Pocket Sizes:
Large Approx: 6.5" at opening, 5.5" deep, diagonal 9"
Medium Approx: 6.5" at opening, 5" deep, diagonal 8"
Small Approx: 6.5" at opening, 3.5" deep, diagonal 7.5"

** This vest can only have 2 patches sewn on it. You can purchase additional patches and they will be sent loose for you to iron on at home.

The Neoprene handle is optional and sold separately.