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Measure Charts

To Measure for Child's Harness Vest

For Vests meausure your dog with a soft tape measure then email the numbers

of the A-B-C-D measurements to us at


Below is a chart for the size measurement of dog boots. Our boots are designed for a German Shepherd type of dog leg.  If you need a custom size boot please email us the measurement of the dogs back legs from the back of the foot to just under the dogs back hock of it's leg.




Part# Size Name Size Extender
7075535 L, XL Working Dog Vest 1.5"
707527 S, M, L, XL Mesh Vest w/ Handle 1.5"
707875 S, M, L, XL Patriotic Vest 1.5"
707667 one size Oxgyen Vest 1.5" (2)
707553 one size Backpack Vest 1.5"
7075529 one size Day Trip Vest 1.5" (2)
707542 one size Mesh Bag Vest 1.5" (2)
707549 S, M, L, XL S&R Style Vest 1.5"
707552 one size Saddle Bag Vest 1.5"
7075527 XS, S Cold Weather Service Dog Coat 5/8"
7075527 S, M Cold Weather Service Dog Coat 1"
7075527 L, XL Cold Weather Service Dog Coat 1.5"
70301PAT(PATS&PATN) M All Patrol Vest 1.5"
70301PAT(PATS&PATN) L All Patrol Vest 2"
707875 S, M, L, XL Patrotic Mesh Vest 1.5"
707548 1XS, 2XS, 3XS, 4XS Small Dog Vest 5/8"
707547 1XS, 2XS, 3XS, 4XS Small Dog Mesh Vest 5/8"
707548REF 1XS, 2XS, 3XS, 4XS Reflective Small Dog Vest 5/8"
707523 1XS, 2XS, 3XS, 4XS Patriotic Small Dog Vest 5/8"
707522 1XS, 2XS, 3XS, 4XS Patriotic Small Dog Mesh Vest 5/8"
707526 3XS, 4XS Small Breed Soft Mesh Harness 5/8"
707526 1XS, 2XS Small Breed Soft Mesh Harness 1"
707521 3XS, 4XS Soft Vested Harness 5/8"
707521 1XS, 2XS Soft Vested Harness 1"
707551 S, M, L Padded Harness Vest 1.5"
707531 S, M, L Custom Logo Padded Harness Vest 1.5"
707540 S, M, L Service Dog In Training Vest 1"
707541 S, M, L Therapy Dog In Training Vest 1"
707546 XS, S ID Jacket 1.5"
707546 M, L, XL ID Jacket 2"
707555 S, M, L, XL Mesh Cape Vest 1"
707550 S, M, L Cape Vest 1"
707572 S Butterfly Dual Pocket Vest 5/8" (2)
707572 M Butterfly Dual Pocket Vest 3/4" (2)
707572 L Butterfly Dual Pocket Vest 1" (2)
707593 one size Wheelchair Pulling Harness 1.5"
707591 one size S&R Hi Vis Harness 1.5"
707586 one size Pulling & Balance Harness 1.5"
7075534 M, L Carry-All MOLLE Pack Vest 2"
707585 S, M, L, XL Illuminated LED Service Dog Vest 1.5"
707545 S, M, L Total Reflective Dog Vest 1"
7075451 1XS, 2XS, 3XS, 4XS Total Reflective Small Dog Vest 1"
707554 one size Fleece Lined Raincoat 1.5"