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Hands Free Molded Handle Dog Leash Hands Free Molded Handle Dog Leash

Hands Free Molded Handle Dog Leash Hands Free Molded Handle Dog Leash

Hands Free Molded Handle Dog Leash Hands Free Molded Handle Dog Leash

Hands Free Molded Handle Dog Leash

Hands Free Leash - Molded Handle


Price: $44.99


This leash works the same way that the 707615 Hands Free Leash does with a few added features.  The Hands Free Molded Handle Leash has a molded rubber handle that is down on the leash end where you attach the leash to the dog.  This is a welcome feature for many who want to have extra control in holding onto their dog.  This leash is just a little wider than the other hands free leash.  This leash is 1” wide.  All the hardware on this leash is black metal hardware.  The D-rings have been replaced with triangle style D-rings.  The purpose of this Hands Free Molded Handle Leash is to keep the dog working with you and the dog adapts to your body movements.  The dog learns to be attached to you and anticipate what you are doing and the direction it should move with you.  I have used and trained with this style leash for over thirteen years and have found it to be the fastest way to teach a dog to stay with what I am doing and work with me.  This is the leash I always use to take a dog out in public.  It is so functional and versatile I would not be without it.  One of the benefits of this leash is that it gives you free movement of both your hands.  You can work, walk, shop, etc. attached to the dog and at the same time, move independently from the dog.  It is much easier to push a shopping cart, open doors, or pick up objects when you have both hands free.  When you are using this leash you will direct the dog with your legs and body movements as much as touching the leash. The leash is worn like a shoulder bag it rests across your shoulder then wraps under your arm and over your back.  You are still very close to your dog and have quick access to the leash handle.  The leash is adjustable with different triangle rings that are set into the leash.  This is so that the dog can be placed at different lengths away from the handler.  And it gives the dog freedom to stop and lay down and rest when the leash is set on the closest  ring.  This Hands Free Molded Handle Leash comes in two lengths and comes with a patch. The patch is movable so you can adjust where you want it making it most visible.  Choose leash length of either 6.5' or 7.5' and patch of your choice.


Heavy Weight 1" Nylon Webbing

Black Metal Triangle Triglides

Black Metal Swivel Snaps

Two Length Choices

Patch Choice