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Hundcycler Harness

Hundcycler Harness

Hundcycler Harness

Hundcycler Harness

Hundcycler Harness


Price: $52.99


This harness was designed with several issues being addressed. First of all it was designed so all the stress points of pulling are on the padded chest and padded back top. I would never want to bike having a lead attached to my dogs neck. That would be a recipe for injury. This would just be too much stress on the dog’s neck and the power of a dog pulling is in its chest not its neck.

This harness is very easy to put on as it slips over the dogs head and has side release buckles on the sides of the girth strap. Both the girth and shoulder straps have adjusting slides to adjust for your dog’s size. There are no flopping hanging straps on this harness. The padded chest and top are not only sheepskin padded but felt lining is sandwiched between the fabric and sheepskin. The front of the dog is visible at night as the webbing running vertical on the chest is reflective.

To attach the harness to the bike is a heavy welded D-ring. On top of the harness there is also a flashing LED light that can be removed if wanted. This is a motion activated light that can be turned off when not in use. This along with the reflective rod and reflective chest webbing are great night safety features to the Hundcycler.

Harness Only

Fits Girth Size 20"-32"