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Service Dog No Pull Strap Harness - Front Range


Price: $47.95


We designed this No-Pull Strap Harness style for those applications where you want minimal equipment with maximum control on the working dog.  The No-Pull Service Dog Strap Harness is a true no pull harness that is light weight, which is especially great in hot climates.  What makes this a true No-Pull harness is a D-ring set into the front chest area where the straps meet.  If you have a dog that wants to get out in front of you then this harness will solve that problem.  When the leash is attached to the front chest D-ring and you tug at the leash the dog will turn back towards you.  Causing the dog to turn its head and focus on you.  If you have a young dog that gets distracted easily this will also be a good harness for you.  When training with this harness I will attach a short leash to the top D-ring of the harness and then a narrow longer leash to the front chest D-ring.  I will work the top leash but if the dog gets out of position or distracted I have that narrow longer leash on the front D-ring to make the correction and get the dog back focused on me.  If you are working with a wheel chair you can attach one leash to the chair and hold the other leash that is connected to the front D-ring to get the same results.

The No-Pull Service Dog Strap Harness has a great range of adjust-ability.  Both the chest straps, underbelly strap, and the girth strap is adjustable.  There are no loose floppy straps on the No-Pull Service Dog Strap Harness.  It comes with two Service Dog patches that are Velcro backed so they can be changed out.  The entire back plate is also Velcro so patches or an ID pocket window accessory can be added, (sold separately).  The handle is a raised molded easy grip handle with two D-rings.  The D-rings on the sides of the handle can work to attach an extended bridge handle, (sold separately).  This harness is black in color and is offered in two sizes.  Girth size for M/L harness is 22” to 32” and the size XL harness will fit a girth from 29” to 44”.  Bridge handles, custom patches, ID window pocket, and ID cards are sold separately. 

2 Standard patches come with hook attached.
Additional patches can be purchased if you desire different text: (click to view other patches)

Girth strap extenders: M/L & XL takes 1.5"

  • Made In USA - Both sizes come with Handle & Quad D-Rings
  • Form Fitting Harness, 2 D-rings, Adjustable Buckles, Molded Handle, 2 Standard Patches
  • Easy To Use Side Release Buckle - Adjustable Chest & Girth Straps
  • Adjustable Chest to Girth - Front Range Chest D-Ring
  • Light Weight Harness & Great Dog Control

2 Sizes Available:
Med/Large  -  Girth 22" - 32"
X-Large  -  Girth 29" - 44"

Size Chart
  M/L XL
Girth 22"-32" 29"-44"